Research & Innovation

Innovations & Technologies

In IRITALY we have developed some innovative technologies to address the challenges about: i) clean/safe sustainable energies an fuels; ii) circular economy; iii) climate change mitigation; iv) advanced intelligence systems; v) advanced materials and devices. Accordingly, we are processing our developed technologies to higher technology readiness levels (TRLs) via license out and technology transfer (TT) procedures and/or performing specific research and innovation national/EU/worldwide projects.



In IRITALY we are utilizing a standard laboratory located in Rome which is well equipped with lab-based deposition/fabrication/measurement equipments



In addition to IP management, we always support the open access publication of the outstanding results and reports which are extracted from our research and innovation activities. An open-access book chapter about environmental impact and sustainability of emerging thin film photovoltaics. In this chapter you can find a comprehensive review on LCA and environmental fate modelling of various PV technologies. Generally, most results show promising potential of emerging thin film PVs, especially perovskite solar cells, to reach the best sustainable solution among PV technologies in near future.

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