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Algae Plant For Production Of “Haematococcus And Spirulina" As Pharma Components

In collaboration with Value Quality we can present a developed and implemented innovative system (ALGAVALUE) for the cultivation of microalgae for nutraceutical / pharmaceutical purposes, which are cultivated in a special plant built within a greenhouse. The current technology allows the cultivation of microalgae in a controlled and protected environment with constant monitoring of the production parameters and industrial cultivation of microalgae which even allows, under the best conditions, the production of 0.5 grams per liter per day of biomass algae. ALGAVALUE® systems consist of a sophisticated hydraulic and hydraulic system for the cultivation of selected microalgae to produce Haematococcus and Spirulina, the two microalgae that currently have a high market interest.
ALGAVALUE® is a holder of related patents:

• to the selected algae stump

• the microalga nourishing protocols

• management and monitoring software for the cultivation, squeezing and production of microalgae and derived products (dry biomass).

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