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Low-cost High-efficiency Stable Perovskite PVs Using Innovative Inks for Deposition at Ambient Condition

Emergence of perovskite solar cells (PSCs) marks a revolution in the field of photovoltaics (PVs), by promising combination of low-cost and high-efficiency in addition to markedly decrease in CO2 emission and energy payback time. Indeed, in collaboration with Kimia Solar, we achieved an innovation for fabrication/recycling of high-efficiency ultra-stable large-area perovskite PVs (non-sensitive to substrate size) via a highly reproducible fully printable procedure under ambient condition. In our device structure, single-crystalline large-grain of hybrid perovskites which are fabricated through a “Solvent-Gradien” method, sandwich between two nanoporous formulated films in which they serve as electron and hole transport layers (low-temperature deposition process). Furthermore, we invented an efficient green solvent-free procedure for recycling of our perovskite modules at the end of their life cycle, fully compatible with RoHS guidelines.

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