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Rubble Treatment Plants And Recycling of Demolition waste Materials

It is not uncommon, along the outskirts of large cities, to notice degraded areas where local administrations allow public and private companies to unload and accumulate debris resulting from the demolition of various artifacts (buildings, bridges, roads, excavations, etc.), polluting and disfiguring the surrounding environment. The rubble, considered so far waste to be discarded, can become resources, through their careful characterization and subsequent treatment and selection in special facilities. Until now, inert materials, necessary for the asphalts, come from quarries, after processing in the annexed crushing and screening plants, almost always located in places far from those of their final use. In order to limit both the exploitation of the quarries (consumption of non-renewable raw materials), and environmental pollution (exhaust gas, noise and dust due to the transport of such inert materials to the places of use), as well as to clean up the sites that currently they are home to heaps of rubble, many countries are encouraging the treatment of these and the reuse of recycled materials in the same buildings. By installing a suitable rubble treatment plant in the areas where these are accumulated it is possible to obtain a wide range of products that are suitable for reuse in buildings, for example in the filling of excavations for the laying of pipelines, in road foundations, in the manufacture of new products for construction, etc. The Company IRITALY, also through its subsidiaries, is able to make a very detailed study for the characterization of the rubble and feasibility, to design a suitable plant for the treatment of rubble with the production of various types of inerts certified for reuse in buildings. Accordingly, IRITALY is available to sign agreements with public administrations for realization of such innovative plants.

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