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Ecologic Islands for waste treatment

The project involves the construction of an ecologic islands for the treatment of few different categories of waste in Italy:
• Household waste,

• Agricultural and animal wastes,

• Tires and medical waste,

• Production of energy.

In the ecological island consists of the following units:

1. Pre-treatment plant TMB (Treatment by Mechanical and Biological methods) of household waste with separation of plastic, glass and aluminum, and extraction of bio-waste, organic fraction of municipal solid waste;

2. Bio waste anaerobic bio digestion plant with production of compost, precious fertilizer for agriculture;

3. Anaerobic bio digestion plant of agricultural and animal waste with heat generation, cooling and liquid and solid digestate for use as a fertilizer on agricultural land;

4. Aerobic digestion plant stage of the MSW composting, to derive first quality fertilizer;

5. Purification water plant clarification from bio-waste to get irrigation water;

6. Plant for the treatment of road tires for the obtaining of RDF to be used in cement works or in energy plants for production of thermal energy and cooling;

7. Systems of disposal of hospital waste with organic CSS fuel production.

The aim is to concentrate in a large area the dispose of much waste as possible and to obtain useful substances from waste that can be used to produce clean energy, heat, cooling, fertilizer, ferti-irrigation water, biological fuel to be used for thermal energy or in cement works. The ecological island extension should be about 5,000 / 6,000 square meters. The location will be studied in a suitable manner. The area should not be very far from major population centers but will still be in a safe position to avoid impacts on the population. It being understood that the technologies adopted are all low environmental impact; the environmental impact of facilities located within the area on the population it will be studied accurately and will be controlled both during the phase of ecological island realization and during the phase of steady state operation. The anaerobic digestion plants, proposed in this paper, using biomass for combined production of electricity and thermal energy are an important step toward the production of “clean energy” and sustainable development of the whole nation. Enable each government to respect the agreements made in the world in terms of carbon dioxide reduction and to respect the limits, imposed worldwide, for each state, for not raising the global warming of the earth.

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